3 Companies With Excellent Marketing

I hope you have an exciting and wonderful weekend ahead of you! I want to welcome in the weekend by sharing with you three companies who I think are excellent at marketing. I believe you can look to them as great examples for developing relevant content, reaching their target market well, and delivering outstanding marketing overall.

1. AT&T 

In AT&T’s new marketing campaign, the face of their advertisements is a gal named Lily who works in an AT&T store, has high energy, is not afraid to be goofy and is personable to all the customers that come through the door. Lily has become a great advertising tool for AT&T, and they have leveraged her popularity from the TV commercials in other locations as well. AT&T has billboards and advertisements all over different cities with Lily’s face on them, highlighting the benefits of having AT&T or switching to AT&T. On top of this, they have integrated their TV campaign with their digital media channels. If you have recently searched for AT&T in Google, and then you visit your Facebook News Feed, you’re fairly likely to have Lily somewhere on your page telling you about AT&T. They have leveraged this campaign across their social channels and have used her in advertisements on other platforms like blogs or magazine websites. 

Lily from AT&T Commercials

Overall, AT&T has done a great job of building their company image. They have positioned themselves well against their competitors by developing great advertising and marketing materials that people remember. They have also shown us that companies don’t need a supermodel to sell their products; they just need a well-designed campaign that fits their target market. They need something wholesome that people feel comfortable watching, that invokes in them a desire to go out and learn more about AT&T.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates

First of all, if you know me at all, you know that I am a huge Pirates fan — but that’s not the only reason I think they have great marketing. The Pirates do a great job with in-house marketing. If you go to a Pirates game, whether you’re a fan or not, they make you want to come back to the stadium for another game or event. They advertise their ball club very well in the stadium, highlighting the promotions they are running, the different events or themes they have for games coming up, and they even have a catchy song at the end of each game called “A Pirate Generation” that keeps you coming back for more. They have developed a loyal fan base over the years and continue to grow that fan base, but at the same time, they attract new people to each game because of the advertising they do. Outside of in-house advertising, the Pirates are pretty good at marketing their team. They stay engaged in the Pittsburgh area throughout the year with different events, and they are fairly active in the social space to keep people engaged. Our intern, Mason Fiascone, was telling me how he is a Seattle Mariners fan, but he loves going to Pirates games. The beauty of the stadium and the overall atmosphere at a Pirates game makes him want to keep going back. This is all part of the Pirates marketing strategy. They position themselves in such a way that makes people want to be in the stands again, whether they’re a Pirates fan or not.

Pittsburgh Pirates Stadium

3. Guess Motors (Carrollton, OH)

Guess Motors in Carrollton, Ohio, is an example of a small company that does great marketing even with a small budget. Like many companies, they cannot spend a large amount on marketing, but Guess Motors does a great job marketing to their target audience without breaking the bank. Guess Motors has the basics done well: they have a good website, they are active on social media, and they are a trusted car dealership in their area. In addition, they do great television advertising. They have a catchy jingle that makes you remember, “Why Guess?” and they deliver wholesome advertising that helps build their brand image and helps consumers in their area know who to turn to when buying their next vehicle. Their television commercial helps drive consumers to their main website which helps them turn into leads, the goal of a good advertising campaign. 


It’s important to note that not all 3 of these companies are large corporations like AT&T with seemingly indefinite advertising and marketing budgets. Some are companies like the ones you interact with in your hometown. Some are large, some are small, but still able to deliver excellent marketing to their target markets. We can learn from these marketing champions and seek to implement their tactics in our marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Now, you can enter into your weekend inspired by these great marketers and ask yourself: What companies do you interact with that have great marketing materials? And why are they great?


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