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“Late Boomers” Have Much To Give

Baby Boomers

They were born post-World War II, witnessed cultural change firsthand, and watched TV in black & white – if at all. But does anyone know or care about the last of the Baby Boomers? What they’ve done for our society and what they still give?

Young marketers and older Baby Boomers better care because there are 21 million of us between the ages of 50 to 54 — and we still have plenty in the think tank!

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EM Media’s Storytelling and Marketing tips and tricks


As a marketing agency serving Steubenville, Pittsburgh and Wheeling, EM Media’s clients do not have a shortage of stories to tell.  Getting the audience to connect with your story is the hard part.  We believe that great content drives great marketing.

A great movie holds your attention from the start through its conclusion. Afterward, the viewer can’t wait to tell everyone how good it was.   Do your advertising messages accomplish the same result with your prospective customers?   Advertising executives are storytellers. Some are better than others at telling the story. Who, what, where, when and why are key to developing the story; however, there must be an interactive user experience to engage the reader. Most importantly, what’s in it for them? How does your message make your prospect feel?

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Collaboration: The Key To Success

In today’s media world, it’s imperative to team with advertising firms and professionals who are willing to share their talents with other advertising firms and professionals.There are no singular wizards. Today, there are a myriad of mediums available to utilize in order to benefit businesses. And more often than not, it takes the talents of professionals from various shops to truly help achieve client goals. The key is to work with those willing to work with others! 

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