Connecting Through Music


With the quarantine recommendations across the country due to COVID-19, people are finding different ways to connect with each other. Music provides such an outlet for people. Studies have shown that listening to music has a direct impact on the neuro-chemicals in the brain, which play a role in closeness and connection. These same studies have also indicated that musical performance such as, singing, dancing or drumming, releases additional endorphins and can result in a greater positive emotion.

While taking a break from the news, I scrolled through Facebook and found numerous videos showing people playing pianos from balconies in Italy, two brothers, both violinists, playing a Coldplay song from their living room and Andrew Lloyd Webber playing ‘All I Ask of You’ from Phantom of the Opera, from the comfort of his own home.

Larae and Chris watching Dave Matthews

These inspiring videos had me look into who else is playing music for people while in quarantine. I stumbled upon Verizon’s Pay It Forward Live series. Verizon is bringing the biggest names in entertainment from their living rooms into yours. Concerts are every Tuesday and Thursday night – so when Dave Matthews was scheduled to kick it off – I was in! You can do your part to help small business by using #PayItForwardLIVE during the concerts, and Verizon will donate to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. You can support your local businesses by ordering something to-go, buying a gift card or shopping local online.

Larae and Chris watching Bob Scheinder

Patreon is a website that supports all types of musicians. Patrons can subscribe to their favorite musicians for a small monthly fee, in exchange for a behind-the-scenes peak into their creative process, new songs, and live concerts. My husband, Chris, subscribes to two musicians: Mike Doughty and Bob Schneider. Mike Doughty puts out a new song each week and a live performance. Bob Schneider’s patrons get a link to watch a one-hour concert, so each week we have been doing just that. Every Monday, we are able to interact with Bob, making song request and relaxing while he performs from his house.

Dance like no one is watching – which is reality, because we are all locked away from the outside world. So, tune in on Fridays to my friend’s DJ Nin’s Lockdown Live from Your RecRoom, via Facebook Live. This continues to be a great way to escape the news, join in with over 200 people for song requests, dancing in your living room and relaxing with an adult beverage, friends and music.

Facebook Dance Party

There is so much evidence that helps confirm music’s place in social relationships. With the available technology we can bond with family and friends through watching and sharing social media videos, attending virtual concerts, or through virtual dance parties. Music can help us continue to connect to each other. Be sure to include music a little each day to stay connected.

Stop the spread. Stay home and stay safe.


Blog by Larae Messer, Creative Director

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