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As an ad man, what is coming after this pandemic in regards to information overload is going to be something that this world has never seen previously. The manipulation of minds will be staggering. Who to believe, what to believe will be etched in the world psyche. Many will be numb to it and believe just about anything they read and hear without fact checking and this is very dangerous. Misinformation is happening now with most all media outlets and social platforms spewing false narratives to the point of nausea. Just wait the worst is yet to come. Who and what do you believe now? Does it serve you? Can you substantiate those beliefs? The time is right to dig deep in your soul and clear out the trash because a boatload more is coming to penetrate your being.

The advertising industry will be as active as ever, trying to garner the almighty dollar in order to solve your desires and concerns. Look out for the quick fixes, the cure-alls and the best things since sliced bread. Be leery, know whom to trust. We have been blessed to serve many outstanding, forthright companies and individuals in the distribution of their stories over the past 24 years. We are all able to choose with whom we want to work. It’s our clients’ reputations that are on the line. If, as a business owner, you don’t believe it, don’t try selling it! Customers should look more than ever, for genuine customer service, verified, quality guarantees and price efficiencies. They will also look for the business owners who are willing to appear on their messages guaranteeing what they say. As a customer, don’t trust retail messages preying on fears and exploiting our current situation.

Though we make a living on our content, one of the best forms of advertising will always be word of mouth endorsements from family and friends. Be diligent and do your research. Plenty of opportunities will present themselves to Em-Media when this current crisis subsides and we look forward to speaking the truth and helping those wishing us to do so.

Blog by: Jim Emmerling, President & Owner of EM-Media

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