Tim Long and Gabe Ofca are the production wizards behind all of the video content produced by EM-Media. These two love Star Wars bad lip-reading videos, popcorn cooked with coconut oil, and a good game of Spikeball–especially the ones when Gabe doesn’t rip his pants.

We’ll let them tell you a little more about themselves and what they do here at EM-Media.

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What are the primary responsibilities of the production side of EM?

Tim: I think the real question is what is not my primary responsibility? I’m in charge or steering this video ship that EM sails. This includes coordinating, scheduling, shooting, editing, creating, producing, directing, writing, calling, emailing–in a nutshell.

Working in a small, family-owned business means fewer pointless positions and more responsibilities per person. So you might have more things to worry about, but the person-to-person treatment is much more human-like than you would receive from a large corporation, and it doesn’t take a month to receive approval for one small item.

Gabe: The responsibility of the production side of EM is to construct creative video content for our clients, primarily for the purpose of advertising and promoting their brand. Our goal is to grab people’s’ attention and keep them interested in the client’s story.

Why is video production so important to what we do here at EM-Media?

Gabe: The production department has significant importance because video is one of the fastest growing forms of media in marketing and has a high retention rate. Video can deliver a message quickly and in a way people can understand or relate to.

Tim: I’m going to quote our digital director, Nathan Blake, as he puts it best: “If content is king, video is the crown.”

Video is the most compelling medium for marketing. We can capture and create so many emotions from the stories we tell visually.

As an advertising/marketing agency, it makes much more sense to have all marketing that we typically do under one roof. We are included in any meetings for a client and work daily with the people who work with the same clients we’re working on, so having consistency is much easier than making a phone call, sending an email or needing to travel for a meeting – I just walk over to the next room.

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What’s your favorite part about the production department and the work that you do?

Tim: Well, first of all, our department has great chemistry. Not only do we work together like coconut oil and popcorn–spoiler alert, we’re poppin’–but we have a great personal relationship as well.

Because of that, we work extremely efficiently. When I missed a shot on a shoot, it’s usually captured by Gabe on the same shoot. When he gets backed up with work, I’m here to help balance out the load. With that in mind, we can create some killer videos and there is something to be said about work that moves people. The feeling you get when you perfectly edit a video to fit someone’s personality and receive amazing reactions from your client and their customers can’t compare to a billboard or newspaper ad.

I’ve met so many amazing people through this work as well. These aren’t celebrities like Tom Cruise or Will Smith or anything–though, sometimes we make them local celebs–but they have exceptional stories.

Gabe: My favorite part of the production department is going on such a variety of shoots with all types of different clients that have different goals, brands, and unique shooting situations. From shooting mock surgeries with a hospital to shooting 360 content on a zip line at an outdoor park, you just never knew what you’re going to come across in a given week.

What is your best memory at EM-Media?

Gabe: My best memory from EM-Media can’t be summed up in one sentence. It’s a collection of funny moments, overnight shoots, and the general atmosphere when we are getting work done.

If I had to pick a favorite shoot, it would be an overnight shoot we did at an outdoor adventure park. We shot some very interesting shots and were able to experience some of the activities while we were there.

Tim: I would say normally our worst memories are usually the most memorable. But not this time. Last Christmas, Wayne bought us a popcorn machine as a Christmas present. All of my hopes and dreams came true that day. All the popcorn, all the time–insert alarm clock emoji. Long live the kernels. Thanks, Pappy.


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