Introducing Our Intern – Emily Bauman


Allow me to introduce the newest member of the Em-Media staff: Emily Bauman. She is a mature, dedicated and well-equipped millennial who has recently joined the Em-Media team. I am allowing her to take over my blog today to introduce herself to tell you about what she will be working on at Em-Media and what she is excited about. The floor is yours, Emily.

– Jim


Hello, everyone! As Jim mentioned my name is Emily and I am very excited to be working at Em-Media. I am originally from Cambridge, Wisconsin and I lived there until I was 14 years old. I then moved to Steubenville and have been here ever since. When I first arrived at the Ohio Valley, I was amazed by how beautiful the area is. I was also impressed with the pride that Steubenville has in its sports and academics. I remember thinking to myself, “This city offers me an amazing opportunity for future success,” and Steubenville hasn’t proven me wrong.

Final.jpgI am currently finishing my senior year of high school and I have just started as an Intern at Em-Media. I have enjoyed every minute of it thus far and can’t wait to see what else this position will offer me.

In October of 2016, I will be attending the Pittsburgh Technical Institute for graphic design, and I will receive experience in the field that I love. I know that my experience at Em-Media will give me a running start in this field and make my time at the Institute very rewarding. I also look forward to offering value to the Em-Media team with my current graphic design knowledge.

I have always been interested in different forms of art such as interior design, fashion design and painting, but none of these have stuck with me as much as photography and graphic design. I started diving into these art forms about two years ago and found that the field came naturally to me. My father is a youth minister and a social networking butterfly, so I believe that’s where I got the skill for advertising. My mother is an artist and designs kitchens, so I believe that’s where I got my artistic side from. I still remember my mother painting and drawing when I was growing up, and so that motivated me to enhance my skills. At the same time, my father planned large events each week for the city. He advertised them through social networking, flyers and more, and I would often help him.

I’m grateful to a part of the team here at Em-Media and excited for my time as an intern. I know that I have much to learn from each member of the Em-Media team and am looking forward to each day as an intern. 


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