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The Holiday season is now fully upon us, and this time of year can bring about lots of nostalgia. In fact, it got us thinking about commercials past, and in particular, commercial jingles.

If you’re not sure what a jingle is, it’s a short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered, especially as used in advertising. Jingles are extremely effective because they can really stick with you.

One of the easiest ways to learn and remember something is by setting it to music. That’s why we sing our ABCs. And that’s why advertisers often shell out the big bucks on the perfect jingle. A good jingle should be memorable, timeless and creative. Catchy is good too, as long as it’s not overly obnoxious.

Hearing an old song or jingle can transport you right back to the first time you heard it. This is another reason jingles are so powerful, because they can trigger our memories. As we reminisce this time of year, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite jingles, both past and present. And if you remember these as we go along, we did it right!


Health Plan – “We Are Here For You”

One of the Em-Media’s original clients, This jingle was transformed from the beginning of The Health Plan’s “Grow with us” to “We Are Here For You” the jingle was to inform that the Health Plan is not changing, but there for its customers through every stage of life.

The Health Plan

Watch The Health Plan Commercial Here


Guess Motors – “Why Guess?”

This Jingle was created to inform people of the many benefits of buying your vehicle from Guess Motors: inventory, finance options and service while involving the community and local businesses and getting them answering the question “Why Guess?”

Guess Motors

Watch The Guess Motors Commercial Here


SVRTA – “Come Ride with Us”

Original Full-sing jingle was created for the sole purpose of having customers sing the website.

The jingle was the driving force of informing customers of all the ways you could use the transit system with the call to action sending the viewers to an updated website, with the full bus and route schedules.


Watch The SVRTA Commercial Here


Progress Alliance – “Burb of the Burgh”

The jingle was for a recruitment campaign to bring both businesses and families to Jefferson County and it ran in the Tri-State area.

Progress Alliance

Watch The Progress Alliance Commercial Here


Hauser’s Furniture – “Hauser’s Has It All”

This slogan was in place before the jingle, and it was designed to let everyone know that even if you don’t find it at the store, Hauser’s Furniture can order the item for you, because they truly have it all.

Hauser's Furniture

Watch The Hauser’s Furniture Commercial Here


Doan Ford – “I’m Not Buying Til I’ve Checked Doan Ford”

This jingle was designed to make sure the customer knew they’d be missing out if they didn’t check on the huge inventory and great pricing at Doan Ford before buying a vehicle.

Doan Ford

Watch The Doan Ford Commercial Here


The Anchor Room – Full Jingle

One of our classic jingles, this one had a fun Gilligan’s Island type theme that described everything the restaurant had to offer.

The Anchor Room

Watch The Anchor Room Commercial Here


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