“Late Boomers” Have Much To Give

Baby Boomers

They were born post-World War II, witnessed cultural change firsthand, and watched TV in black & white – if at all. But does anyone know or care about the last of the Baby Boomers? What they’ve done for our society and what they still give?

Young marketers and older Baby Boomers better care because there are 21 million of us between the ages of 50 to 54 — and we still have plenty in the think tank!

The U.S. Baby Boom era lasted approximately from 1946-1964. This includes everyone from 51 to 69 years of age, which – at age 52 – includes me.  I’ve always felt I’ve been more like those older than me from this era but, as I grow older, I’m not so certain. This era, from what I can gather, was really good at making babies and I did my part there, producing four children of my own, that I know of. No, I’m sure of that because I didn’t quite fit into the late 60s Woodstock time period. I like to think I would have loved that insane party period, but grateful I wasn’t there in that my moderating tendencies would probably have left me dead with a smile on my face.

I find myself amazed explaining to those younger than 30 years old about my family’s milk being delivered to the house in returnable glass bottles and put in a little gray box on our front porch. They can’t believe if you were “lucky” you had one television. If so, more often than not, it was black and white and received, at best, five channels. When I tell them we walked 1-1 ½ miles each way to and from school, they think I’m lying. But back then we only had one car in the family, unlike the four we currently have. We not only walked, but it was safe and fun!

“How can that be?” they ask. “You’re not that much older than we are.” I’m flattered some people think that, but the reality is that technology exploded between 1980 and today, and we “Late Boomers” either caught on or got passed by. Older Boomers didn’t have to embrace the technological changes like we did. They made most of their money by then or they burned so many brain cells that they didn’t care. I admit, there are some days I wish I didn’t have to deal with today’s younger generation and there are often unexplainable behavioral traits. But, I’m thankful my father bought me the first Mac computer model ever made in 1984 and I have owned every model since.

Where is all this diatribe taking me? Late Boomers have been there, we’ve done that. We started the computer era — boy did the first fax machine freak me out — let alone the advent of the Internet. If late Boomers hadn’t embraced the technological changes of the past 20 years, I fear the business world of today would be run by a strange breed and it would be quite frightening. I’ll touch on that statement in a later blog. Know how to market to me and those like me. Know what I watch, listen to, my likes and dislikes. Why? Because we spend, we give and, more importantly, we affect the important business decisions of today!

Being James Dean, Evil Knievel, Tom Petty and a yuppie rolled into one has served me well. Besides, is there really much difference between Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett, Halle Berry or Carrie Underwood? There are many smart, beautiful, innovative and inspirational people from every generation. I’m encouraging you to learn from those either leading the way or soon to be in business: the “Late Boomers 1960-1964”!

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