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EM-Media is Effective Marketing

EM-Media is a marketing & advertising agency specializing in brand strategy, media strategy, video production, content creation & inbound marketing. Our team works to make sure that our clients stand apart & have their stories heard. 


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Gateway Paint and Chemical Company

Located on Smallman Street in Pittsburgh, Gateway Paint and Chemical Company has been manufacturing high quality paint and coating solutions since 1953. Gateway Paints provides their customers with personalized and professional service.

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Mike’s Beer Bar

Formerly known as Beerhead, Mike’s Beer Bar is located on Federal Street across from PNC Park. Under new management, Mike’s Beer Bar now has the largest selection of craft beers in the area with 70 taps, as well as great live entertainment to be featured in the near future. If you are ever on the North Shore, make sure you, “MEET ME AT MIKE’S!

11 Welcome Mike's Beer



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EM-Media Goes To Iceland

EM-Media’s Jim Emmerling, Gabe Ofca & Andy Peacock just returned from an exciting trip to Iceland with East Liverpool City Hospital’s Director of Marketing & Business Development, Rick Perez. The group visited Icelandic company, Kerecis, to document their innovative Omega3 process used in wound care treatment at East Liverpool City Hospital.

Kerecis Omega3 is intact fish skin rich in naturally occurring Omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. When grafted onto damaged human tissue such as a burn or a diabetic wound, the material recruits the body’s own cells and is ultimately converted into living tissue, significantly speeding the time needed to close an open wound. The Omega3 rich fish skin cells also are a natural anti-inflammatory, and pain reliever making it the perfect structure for new cells to latch onto and close the wound.

Using the skin of fish has recently gained national attention as it was used to speed up the healing of California bear paws that were burned in the recent wildfires.

The fish are caught in the pristine waters of North Atlantic Ocean off the township of Isafjordur, on the northwest coast of Iceland. Each and every batch of raw materials is tracked to ensure product quality. The fish skin is processed using a proprietary method that preserves its structure and lipid composition.

The Team at the East Liverpool City Hospital Wound Care Center, already at the forefront of modern wound care, is excited to bring this advanced technology to the tri-state area. The goal of the trip was for Em-Media to capture award winning images and video that can be used throughout the Prime Healthcare Network to easily explain this new and unconventional treatment.


Pictured (Left to Right): Jim Emmerling, President, EM-Media; Maik Brotzmann, Project Manager, Kerecis; Gabe Ofca, Production Manager, EM-Media;
Rick Perez, Director of Marketing & Business Development, East Liverpool City Hospital; Andy Peacock, Client Specialist, EM-Media; Ingolfur Orn Guomondsson, Vice President of Marketing, Kerecis


You can learn more about the trip and the treatment process by checking out these local news stories.

Herald-Star: Revolutionary wound care: Local men off to Iceland to learn about new procedure

WTOV9: Local hospital works with Icelandic company for healthcare treatment

WTRF: Two Ohio Valley men prove Omega-3 improves hair and skin, decreases risk of heart disease

WTRF: Two Ohio Valleyans returning home from Iceland after studying medical breakthrough


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Beautiful Iceland and Life Changing Biotechnology

Last week our production team traveled to the Westfjords of Iceland to document and explain a revolutionary wound care product from a company called Kerecis. Along the way, there were pristine landscapes, geothermal activity, and incredible wildlife. I describe it as a photographer’s playground because everywhere you look there is something worth capturing.


Kerecis is located in the town of Ísafjörður where ⅓ of their economy is derived from fishing. There is very little from the fish caught that is waisted but one of the bi-products of the fish is the skin. Kerecis discovered some remarkable properties of fish skin from the North Atlantic Cod, which is its ability to accelerate and support the wound healing process in our own bodies.  


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