Maroon 5 has a song that is a pretty big hit right now named “Memories.” The main refrain of the song sings, “Here’s to the ones that we got, cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not, ‘cause the drinks bring back all the memories of everything we’ve been through. Toast to the ones here today, toast to the ones that we lost on the way, ‘cause the drinks bring back all the memories and the memories bring back, memories bring back you!” Within any marketing and advertising campaign you essentially want to do what the song is trying to get across with its message. You want to create memories and messages that resonate with people and bring them back to your brand.

In order to establish a tag line, brand, or even start a movement, you need to establish “the ones that we got.” What I find myself doing daily, multiple times a day, is singing to my two young children. My two-year-old daughter loves to sing and dance and the easiest way my wife and I find ways to teach her new things are through songs. Throughout the last decade many within the Ohio Valley have heard the SVRTA “Come Ride With Us” jingle (SVRTA Commercial) This catchy jingle was set in place hoping to not only grab people’s attention, but to keep SVRTA’s services at the forefront of consumers minds. Over the years I’m sure many of you even created your own lyrics to fit in the commercial jingle before the famous “Come Ride With Us” ending. You are beginning to again establish “the ones that we got.”

svrta elvis

Unfortunate situations happen within every business and how many choose to market and or advertise during a trying time can be difficult, however it doesn’t always have to be! The same catchy and fun jingle can be used as a remembrance of someone who meant a great deal to a company or organization (SVRTA Tribute). It is the same fun and loving tune but now it is hitting you at your heartstrings. It doesn’t always take unfortunate situations to “cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not.” Nike and Tiger Woods have teamed up numerous times around Father’s Day to pay tribute to Tiger’s late father with a commercial dedicated to him (Nike commercial). We are able to able to pay tribute and respect while keeping you at the forefront of the consumers’ minds.

Tiger Woods and Father

Many times the fortunate situations happen and you are able to “toast to the ones here today.” Toast to the all of the accomplishments that you have obtained along the way. Show the consumers what you have done and are continuing to build. Maybe in some cases take a step back from everything in order to see what is here today and although you may have “lost on the way” allow yourself and others to see what you’ve done to get to where you are today. (EM-Media & Kerecis). For myself, I saw a company formed within a family’s basement go international last year. Never in my wildest dreams did I see that!


“The drinks bring back all of the memories and the memories bring back, memories bring back you!” The drinks may bring back you and your marketing should do that to all of your consumers. No matter what your message is or what is going on when it is delivered, you need a message that brings back “you.”

Blog by: Michael Emmerling, Account Executive

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