Meet Eric Hersey, our new Web and SEO Specialist

Em-Media is growing.

It is my pleasure to introduce our new Web and SEO Specialist, ERIC HERSEY.

Eric is truly a great guy and brings a skill set that I’ve known we needed to get stronger in for awhile now. The landscape of advertising and marketing is shifting dramatically, and Eric’s detailed personality coupled with his passion for websites and SEO will allow us to make sure our clients stay at the top of search engine rankings.

I am handing him the keys to my blog for the day to introduce himself. He’s truly unique and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. We are really excited to have him on board.

The floor is yours, Eric.

Eric Hersey, Web Design and SEO Expert, with his Family
Eric Hersey, Web Design and SEO Expert

I guess the first thing everyone should know is that I talk to robots.

My job is to do things that few ever see, but everyone notices when it’s not working the way it should.

I build websites that speak the languages Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines understand. If their little robot spiders can read your webpage, I’ve done my job.

SEO and Web Design Expert – Eric Hersey

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might be the most important metric dictating whether or not your company survives in this digital age. My job is to make sure Google gives you an A+ rating no matter how many times they change the way they measure a website’s value to their users.

Eric Hersey, Search Engine Optimization Expert, talking with a Wookie
Eric Hersey, Search Engine Optimization Expert, talking with a Wookie

There is something rewarding about starting with a blank notepad document, filling it with brackets; quotations; parenthesis; and other assorted keyboard characters, and ending up with a fully functional website. Brands like Google, Amazon, and Facebook all had the same start, an empty notepad document. Someone just like me decided to put the right keyboard characters in the right order on a blank screen, and now they are worth millions.

Digital Marketing Professional

The digital landscape has changed immensely since I made my first website. I remember the feeling of excitement when I could make words scroll across the screen. How cool was it that I could have Nintendo-like music playing in the background? These same features today would make you instantly close out and find an alternative site.

Since 1999, I have lived through so many different technology fads, and things just keep changing. I don’t think this will ever change.

If you are currently thinking about how big of a nerd I am, you are completely correct.

I wear Star Wars t-shirts, geek out over Fantasy Football, and have read over twenty books about Disney theme parks in the last year—yeah, I own it. Be honest though, who else would you want working on your website except a detailed, slightly obsessive web-geek?

Eric Hersey, Advertising Agency

Sitting around a table and discussing ideas, projects, and results is what I am wired to do. Over the years I have made countless websites, hosted podcasts, wrote various screenplays, lived in Photoshop, and uploaded hours of YouTube videos.

Creating is what I love to do, and it all starts with a blank notepad document.  

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