Watch this video, and I guarantee you will think about spending some time in Moundsville West Virginia.

How do you get people to visit your small town or unique business?  You take it to them of course!  A few years ago, that would have been impossible.  Sure you could have shown a few pictures or handed out flyers, but that wasn’t close to the experience of being there.  With Virtual Reality, you CAN transport anyone, anywhere.

The small town of Moundsville West Virginia has a surprising amount of fun attractions stuffed around their picturesque setting near Wheeling West Virginia.  Only 1.5 hours from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it is the perfect day trip when you want to get away and do something really unique. They hired EM Media to create an Oculus VR App for their visitors bureau to show people at the various trade shows they attend.

On our end the process was pretty simple. We visited the individual attractions with a 360° camera, filmed a small part of what makes the attraction special.  We used audio recorders to record a brief narration (45 seconds) to guide the user around the attraction.  Then we built a custom Oculus web application that could be changed and updated remotely (Like when we had to blur our swear words on the wall of the jail cell) and then updated on the fly from anywhere.

Our goal was to tease the viewer into wanting to experience the “real” thing by taking a day or two to go somewhere they probably never thought to go.  It was also to impress a lot of information (visually) into the viewers brain in an extremely short amount of time.  The conversations and understanding they have about your offering with just 2 minutes of time in the Oculus in nothing short of amazing.

West Virginia Penitentiary :
Palace of Gold:
Grand Vue Park:


Blog by Andy Peacock, Account Executive


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