Account Manager
Brief info

The story goes that two important things happened in the year 2000. One, Y2K wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as we thought, and many of us were completely set up with canned goods for the next decade. Two, Wayne showed up at the door of Em-Media with his lunchbox and told Jim, “I work here now.”

Jim knew Wayne from years working together when Wayne was the sales manager for WEGW-FM, and as the story goes, Jim looked at him in mild shock before moving aside and offering him a place on the couch--Em-Media had graduated to Jim’s basement by then.

Wayne now runs the office in Wheeling, West Virginia. As far as we know, he now works at a desk, and he rarely carries a lunchbox. Wayne is also married to Karen who helps manage Em-Media’s clients in the Wheeling region and keeps Wayne generally in line.


Pittsburgh Media Center
706 James Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Steubenville Media Center
2728 Sunset Boulevard
Steubenville, OH 43952

Wheeling Office
98 East Cove Avenue
Wheeling, WV 26003