2020 will end soon

It would be easy to cry and sing the blues as loud as humanly possible, but to what outcome? As a result of the coronavirus, we all have suffered to some extent in 2020. We witnessed first-hand family, friends and associates suffer loss and despair previously unthought of pre-Covid! Business staples of our communities have closed and many others are hanging on by a thread. Em-Media would fall in the latter category. I would love to paint a rosier picture but that would not be true.

It’s often easy to say when asked, how are things, to reply, “great,” however, more often than not, I say, “the lights are still on!” In light of all that has happened this past year, I have found it harder to lead, because I personally have struggled with depression. Not only from Covid, but also from the anger and hatred displayed by many due to the election process. I know I’m not alone in my struggles but that offers little comfort, for in my case, misery does not like company. This season will mark the first time in 24 years we will not be hosting our annual Christmas party. I’d still like to gather with some friends willing to do it safely. If not, perhaps we will have Christmas in July, lol.

Have I depressed you yet? Forgive me. Now for the good stuff: If your reading this, that means you are alive and that is what I’m most grateful for because I know I am loved and I am willing to continue to love others.

Em-Media is blessed with many long-standing clients, and several new clients have put their trust in us this past year. We are extremely grateful for our clients both new and old for trusting the great work we provide and knowing we continue to look out for their best interest.

As we get ready to celebrate the reason for the season, Christ, know that He will not give you more than you can handle. Try and live in His likeness. Look out for one another. BUY and support local business. Most of all, be grateful and appreciate what you have and make the most of it.

Things will get better but not without effort, and that starts from within! Myself and the entire staff at Em-Media are here to assist with anything you may need, a kind word, an air hug, or help on your advertising and marketing concerns.

In 2021 Em-Media will turn 25 years old and that I am most proud of. It could never have happened without the support of way too many to mention. I thank you all dearly. May everyone have a joyous holiday season and may God bless you! Stay safe, stay well and kick ass in 2021!



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