The King Brings Em-Media Home To Pittsburgh

Fotolia_77630693_Subscription_XL.jpgEm-Media will soon be one of Pittsburgh’s premier advertising and marketing firms.

Yes, that’s brash and maybe a little cocky. We’re not only convinced of our ability to serve absolutely any client with our team of empowered, young creatives and experienced account managers, but we’re determined. After thirty-plus years into my media career, I have learned that when I decide to do something, I will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I moved to Steubenville, Ohio in the early 80s to help build a local television station, WTOV9. After a larger company in the mid-90s purchased it and my TV aspirations had been met, I knew it was time to scratch an itch that had been irritating my ambitions since I was ten years old. I wanted to start an advertising agency, and I wanted it to be the best advertising agency in the Ohio Valley.

I truly believe we’ve accomplished that, and I think the Em-Media client roll backs up that claim. There is an entire generation of young adults that grew up singing Em-Media jingles and reacting to our taglines and slogans.

I take pride in that, and I have worked hard to give everything I have to the Steubenville, Wheeling DMA, Eastern Ohio, North Central West Virginia, and spaces in between.

Fotolia_16614610_Subscription_XL.jpgBut here I am closer to the end of my career than to the beginning, and I find myself with a new itch to scratch. I want to bring our passion for telling client stories through marketing and advertising to Pittsburgh, and we have spent the last couple years assembling the team to make that happen.

As I approach what I hope is the home-stretch of a career that I am very proud of, I am a bit jealous of the industry my young creatives are a part of. It’s never been easier to get your message out there. The barriers to market entry are smaller than ever, and the tools that we have at our disposal to create and track our impressions to find what really works for our clients are simply astounding.

In the past year, we have built a digital marketing team that continues to grow and provide a new line of services to our clients and revenue for Em-Media as a fully certified Hubspot Gold partner.

Inbound Marketing is the future. That is very clear to us, and we want to make sure that we are not only one of the first to offer inbound in Pittsburgh, but we want to make sure that we take the experiences and values that have made Em-Media a trusted creative source for over 20 years and apply that to this new arm of the company.

We have a full-scale video production department in-house with team members that are passionate about creative storytelling. We have drones and the means to get just about any shot on any scale. Having those capabilities in the same building is an advantage that has changed our business and the way we are able to serve clients.

We are now able to offer a full line of web services including SEO and building custom-coded websites as well as standard WordPress sites depending on our clients’ needs to go along with an established graphic design department, and, most importantly, we have a culture that talks to each other.

We are family. I am most proud of that.

When my phone rings, my team laughs at me because it playfully sings Tom Petty’s It’s Good to be King. Well, I’ve been building and investing in Steubenville, Ohio for a long time, and I truly do believe that it is the most unheralded “Burb of the Burgh”. We’re two states over but right next door. I love my community, but I love home too. I’m a Pittsburgh guy at heart. I bleed black and gold.

So, Pittsburgh, the king is coming home, and I’m bringing my friends. Be ready.

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