In college, I took a class called Motion Graphics 1 and had a wonderful instructor who really helped me find my passion for animation. This class led me to ensure each project assigned was better than the last. I loved the classes so much, I acquired a job as a lab assistant at the school. I enjoyed helping the students and seeing what they were creating. My college classes were an amazing experience which led to my current role as a Production Specialist.

There are many ways of animating, including using Adobe After Effects, Animate, and even Blender. Some are hand-drawn and this is how many animated shows are done. Animation is a growing industry that is only going to get bigger.

So, why should you care about animation in the first place?

It is a way to portray an idea without boundaries. Animation defies the limits of what is humanly possible, for example, I can make a carrot turn into an egg. The possibilities are endless; with animation – anything is possible.

There are a couple of different ways animation can be important to your company. Your company can utilize, fully-animated 30 second commercials or your company’s logo can be animated to add another layer of excitement to your advertisements.

Animation is overall an amazing medium to use in your advertisements. Click Here to view examples of projects that we have created for various clients at EM-Media. Contact me directly, let me know which one is your favorite and let’s start the conversion on how I can help bring animation into your business.

thank you,

Sam Lynn, Production Specialist

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