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Terra Building Group

Terra Building Group offers complete design and build services for single-family and urban living homes. In an effort to substantially reduce consumer operating costs and carbon footprint, each home is designed and constructed to comply with ENERGY STAR and LEED accreditation. Terra is the only residential LEED builder in the Pittsburgh region.

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Country Club Rehabilitation Campus at Bellaire

Voted Best Assisted Living Facility in Ohio Valley!

Country Club Rehabilitation Campus at Bellaire is located on a rolling hillside two miles west of the historic river town Bellaire in Belmont County.  The campus is conveniently serviced by eight hospitals in the heart of the Ohio Valley.  

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Columbus-Pittsburgh Corridor Association Press Conference

We are proud to have organized and hosted the July 31st press conference of our client, the Columbus-Pittsburgh Corridor Association. Great things are happening economically in the Ohio Valley, and the organization is working to put the needed infrastructure in place. See what Congressman Bill Johnson had to say here.

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C is for Cookie: How Websites Use Data

First off, what the heck is a cookie anyway? No, they’re not the chocolate chip-filled pieces of goodness your grandma made you. (Well, they actually are, but cookies are something else, too.)


Cookies are small pieces of data that are collected from information you put into your computer, phone, or tablet. Cookies are simple pairs of data recorded as (name, value). For example, a cookie of mine could be (user, maura). That’s just the type of the data that’s being collected, followed by the corresponding piece of data I put into my computer when a website asked for my name.

Cookies can also be collected from what you click on or search for. Not every website collects cookies, and some collect more than others.




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