Inbound marketing is about telling your story on your terms and having more control over how you are remembered now and in the future. It is the natural intersection of marketing and public relations. You show your value and give a targeted audience the chance to interact with you. The more quality your content, the more quality your leads—that’s the general idea.

Your story matters more than ever. Our culture is skeptical and saturated with conflicting accounts and polarizing opinions. At the end of the day, we’re just looking for a small shred of truth—something we can trust. 


If your brand is fun and conversational, express that through your storytelling. Do you want to educate and inform on changes in your industry? Produce content that positions you as the expert your audience can turn to.

If you are being authentic, if you talk about the things in your industry that matter to you and you believe matter to your clients, your stories and content begin to position your brand organically. That natural brand genesis is powerful and compelling.

Take a look at an Inbound Marketing funnel video and form: Do you have Shoulder pain

At the end of the day, your audience cares more about you being genuine and trustworthy than they do about your market share or advertising budget.


Inbound marketing takes the value adding power of good content marketing, harnesses the affinity seeking community on social media, and combines it with the science of lead nurturing on a user-centered website to draw the leads you want to what you are doing and give them the opportunity to engage at increasingly more intimate levels.

This goes far beyond becoming a one-time customer. Good inbound marketing is about continuing to nurture the customer relationship for years to come. The more they do business with you, the deeper the relationship we build. The more content they see, the more offers and touchpoints they have with our brand.

Somewhere in that process, a magical thing happens that rarely happened before. That customer begins to feel like they are a part of your story, and when you look at your CMS and see their engagement on social media, all the emails back and forth, the content offers they’ve downloaded, and the purchases they’ve made, you realize that all the names on your contact list are a small part of who you’ve become. And while you are reflecting on this, your email notification dings, alerting you of a new lead that converted on a landing page, and your story is just a little bit more compelling because of that person. 

That’s the power of inbound marketing.


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