5 Tips To Help Keep Your Employees Informed

Openly communicating with others can be tough — especially in a busy office setting. The atmosphere in the office can become polluted with stress, confusion, agitation, and anxiety when employees are uninformed of what’s going on. They can become unambitious and unengaged in their work. Eventually, productivity will slow and no work will get done. The employees are not at fault for the lack of communication. Part of the job in being an effective employer is engaging and motivating your employees by consistently informing them about all work-related situations. But what can you do to keep your employees up-to-speed?

Here are five effective ways to help you keep your employees informed:

1. Set Goals & Values

Why are goals and values key to keeping your employees informed? Having a set of goals that your company stands for and instilling them in the minds of your employees will keep them focused on the ultimate objective of the company. These goals will help your employees understand where your organization is at and what needs to be done to achieve them. Work with employees to establish personal goals that fall inline with and help accomplish those of your company. Make your company values real to your employees. Let them know how these values support them, your customers and the company. Promote and encourage your employees to make these values their own.

2. Encourage Open Communication

When there is no communication between employers and employees, confusion about work performance, expectations and other issues can arise and hinder growth. Open communication is essential to keeping everyone on the same page and ensures efficiency. Encourage employees to communicate with you and each other when they have questions, are unsure about situations, or just want to clarify something. Ensuring that everyone is on the same wavelength will avoid confusion and stimulate productivity. 


3. Schedule Annual Meetings

Whether it’s daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, meetings are valuable tools for providing the latest news and developments within the company. Having annual meetings allow those from different departments to know what’s going on in the greater landscape of the business, how it can affect their work, and how their work can affect those in the other departments. In addition, they’re useful for tracking individual and company progress and aid in deciding next steps. In all, meetings are a great way to keep people informed and create cohesive relationships within the company.

4. Utilize Technology

At times, you may be out of the office or swamped with appointments and won’t have time to meet with employees. Utilizing technology is a great way to effectively and efficiently communicate when you’re unable to meet in-person. Sending emails and other private messages can help you stay in contact, answer questions and get information out quickly. Social networking services designed for private communication like Yammer and Ning are just a few of the many networking options available to help you and your employees stay connected.

5. Show Progress

Show progress! Everyone loves to hear that his or her hard work is paying off. Give your employees feedback on how they and the company are performing. Praise their successful efforts! You want your employees to know they are beneficial contributors to your company’s success. It’s important to never reject poor work. Instead, make known any errors and provide suggestions on those areas that can be improved. 

It’s extremely important to keep your employees up-to-speed with what’s going on in your office. When your employees are informed, they’re more likely to stay engaged and motivated in their work. Letting them know what’s expected of them, how the company is faring and their own personal performance is key to ensuring a prosperous atmosphere and the overall success of your business.

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