The Power of Leisure

We talked in a previous post about a fresh take on time management, and now I’m here to talk about the power of incorporating leisure into your schedule. 
Martin Buber says, “Leisure is the basis of culture,” which means that he believes that we work and perform our daily duties so that we can then take a break and participate in the wonderful gift that leisure is. This is an important point for managing your time well. We mentioned that you have to prioritize your life based on your values, and prioritizing leisure is an important value to incorporate.

What leisure means:

A view of the evergreen hills1. Leaving work and all that comes with it behind you

2. Can be a time of prayer

3. Something that helps you relax and de-stress

4. Can be an activity that includes being with other people


Overall, leisure helps you to reorder your life by taking a step back and putting the daily tasks of life in perspective. Leisure provides us with an opportunity to refocus our priorities and also to re-energize. 

Still a little unsure about what leisure time might look like for you? Here’s how I spend my leisure time:

Foggy Road to nowhere1. Hanging with my cronies (FRiends) and enjoying a few adult beverages

2. Visiting the wonderful city of Pittsburgh

3. Spending quality time with my family

4. Watching Pittsburgh sports teams (though this can be stressful as well)

5. driving amlessly, letting my thoughts wander


These are things that you can incorporate into your weekly routine to help you stay focused on the tasks at hand throughout your day-to-day schedules. 

I hope you’re learning about how I have come to know what time management is and will incorporate these tips in your daily life. 

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