Why I Love Technology (And You Should Too!)


During my time on this earth, I’ve seen an incredible advancement of technology. The technology market has grown at an extremely rapid rate and, for some people it’s hard to keep up. It can be easy to dislike the new technologies that are released seemingly every day, but I’ve done my best to maintain a different paradigm. I try to accept technology where it serves me best, and remain adaptable to a changing market. 

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The technology market is one of the quickest moving markets, which benefits all the consumers of technology. I never would have dreamed that there would be a phone in everyone’s pocket, an entire city dedicated to booming technology companies (Silicon Valley), or that technology and the tech industry would become so popular that they would make a TV show out of it!  Given all of this rapid change, it can be difficult to adapt, but I’ve found great success due to the aid of technology. 

In the world of marketing, technology can be an incredible tool to help people market more successfully than ever before. Social media platforms allow companies to interact with their consumers on a daily basis. The Internet allows for consumers to find the perfect company to meet their needs at any time (and search engine optimization allows companies to reach those consumers). Cell phones help streamline communication between businesses and consumers with a world of information at the touch of your finger. The list of ways technology can be leveraged in the world of marketing goes on and on. 

New Technology - Computer, phone, tablet 

For many companies, part of their success is dependent upon how quickly and how well they can adapt to the changing technology market. The first-movers to adapt new technology are able to stand out in consumers’ mind as an adaptable, trustworthy market leader that they want to work with. 



For all of these reasons, I am extremely appreciative of technology and the way it has helped improve my life.  At the same time, it’s important to remember the place of technology. It is a tool that we are meant to control and use for our betterment. If technology begins to control us — if we can’t live without a technology, or we are constantly using our phones instead of interacting with people face-to-face — then technology is being used in an incorrect way that will not benefit, but harm you. 

Because of this, I certainly love technology and you should too, whenever it’s used in the proper way: as a tool under our control. 

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