Many people think that a blog posts are something you create to have something people can read while they are ON your website.  In reality, they are the bait you dangle to get people to VISIT your website.

Think of it like fishing.  The knowledge (content) you put onto the internet is like the worm.  When people search the internet for terms, like “roofing, bars near me or Pittsburgh marketing agency, ” a wide variety of content comes up.  What can you provide that will make you stand out in al the clutter?   If you are a roofer in Pittsburgh, for example, and you created a blog post showing the before and after pictures of your 5 best roofing jobs in Pittsburgh, chances are your post will show up in a search of “Pittsburgh Roofers”.   A person searching for a roofing contractor sees this post and clicks it to see the examples.  That’s a bite – FISH ON.

The term Click Bait has gotten a bad rap over the years.  Tricks and deceptive practices to get people to click have given it a negative connotation.  But ALL content is really click bait, you want a customer to click on YOUR content, and go to YOUR website over your competitor.  The best way to do it is to create “Sticky” content.  That means you create useful content with good information that matches what a user is looking for.  Sticky content is content that people view for a long time once they find it. Search engines take pride in matching search terms to the content that people spend a lot of time viewing.  That is one of the ways search engines judge how well they are doing their job. For example, if someone searched “Ford Mustang for sale” and the search engine only showed “Dodge Pickups”, the user wouldn’t stay on that page very long, and the search engine wouldn’t be around that long.  If you keep one thing in mind, make sure to produce interesting, relevant content that establishes you as an expert in your field.  Become a trusted source they can turn to when they need things. ( Like a new roof)

Like fishing, this process takes time and patience.  Be dedicated to the process, start thinking in Search Engine terms.  Always think of what a user would type in a search engine to find you, and incorporate those words into the blog you create. For me, I would use words like HOW TO START AND WRITE THE BEST MARKETING BLOG POST IN PITTSBURGH. ( See what I did there)  Search engines will now serve this blog if someone searches for “Pittsburgh blog, marketing Pittsburgh, How to write blog, best marketing in Pittsburgh”.

Each blog post is a potential new customer.  Most importantly, remember that these fishing lines with content are always out there, and you never know when someone will bite.  As long as the content stays relevant and interesting, keep those “lines” in the water.

Surprisingly, I just googled (PITTSBURGH ROOFING)  and after a bunch of sponsored google ads, all that came up were local roofing websites.   Wouldn’t the searcher be inclined to click on a blog post to see pictures of their work.  If it looked good, wouldn’t you be inclined to give them a call?  Nobody in the Pittsburgh Roofing market is using the right bait!  Blogs should let the reader know that you have expertise in a particular field.  The post should start making the reader feel good about possibly doing business with you in the future.  The post should entice them to look around your website at other relative content.  Ultimately, between the post, website, and other content ( video), the viewer should be guided to a path to connect with you.  



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