4 Tips To Stay Up-To-Date In A Changing World

Do you ever find yourself falling behind the rest of the planet on the latest trends and events? The world we live in is constantly altering the way in which we go about our daily lives. The rise of the Internet and use of social media have vastly refined how we do business and interact with others. Even your field of expertise is evolving, but are you? It’s important to stay up-to-date in this ever-changing world. Take time to brush-up on your skills and even learn new ones!

Here are four ways to help you continue educating yourself:


1. Find A Mentor

You can learn a lot from someone who has successful experience in his or her career. That person could be your supervisor, a trusted colleague, an entrepreneur or a friend. The key is to find the person who will guide you, give sound advice and encourage you in your work. Take time to think about who in your life has made a profound impact, talk to them, and ask if they would be willing to mentor you. 

2. Enroll In A Class


Whether online or at the local community college, taking a few classes is a great way to educate yourself and learn something new. Here’s a list of the 50 best online colleges of 2016.

You can study whatever interests you! Maybe you want to take a few writing classes to enhance your writing abilities. Perhaps you’re looking to strengthen your marketing skills. The possibilities are endless!

On occasion, your employer may even pay for your schooling if they find it favorable in strengthening your work. If you think continuing your education will benefit you as an employee, consult your supervisor or HR department and talk to them about it.

3. Subscribe to Blogs, Podcasts or Newsletters

You can subscribe for email updates from your favorite blogs, like Em-Media’s blog, or even download podcasts such as TEDtalks, which provide you with a wealth of information on new innovations or how-to tips. Podcasts are a great way to keep yourself educated without disrupting your daily routine. Listen to one on your commute to work or download a podcast and listen while you cook dinner or do the dishes.

Newsletters are a wonderful way to keep up with the news, your industry, businesses and more! There are tons of educationally rich subscriptions; choose one based on what you want to learn and your learning style.

4. Join Social Media Platforms

Social Media is one of the best ways to stay tuned into what’s going on in the world. Not only can you see what your friends are saying, but you can also follow streams of trending stories and events. Twitter is known for its short, to-the-point Tweets that provide information almost as instantaneously as the event is happening. The platform features a “moments” section that makes it easy to find the latest news, politics, sports, and entertainment stories and reviews.SocialMedia.jpg

Likewise, Facebook’s trending section is filled with similar topics and posts. If you want to follow news on your industry, LinkedIn is a terrific source for blog posts and articles. 

Now that you know how to enhance your skills and grow in knowledge of the ever changing-world, get out there and learn!

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