5 Hacks To Improve Life In Your Office

Office_Hacks.jpgI know why you’ve chosen to click this article. More often than not, I find myself reading these same “how-to” articles or blog posts relating life-hacks like 4 Tips To Stay Up-To-Date In A Changing World. As humans, we’re always looking for ways to improve our daily lives in the fastest, most efficient way possible. What better way to find them than to have these life-tips already listed out for you? We’ve made a list of hacks that we find ourselves using around the office daily. From secrets that few people know about to sneaky tricks to keep your life running efficient, we reveal our top five work hacks. No binder clips here! (Be sure to read through the entire article before trying any of these.)


Hack #1: Fiber-Optic Lamps For Increased Internet Speed

Having trouble with your Internet speeds? Here’s a trick that the Internet providers don’t want you to know about! The best way to get the maximum speed out of your network connection is to go “hard-wired” with an Ethernet cable. This not only increases speed but also consistency within the connection instead of a wireless alternative. Once you do that, you can boost the speed even more by adding some extra fiber-optics! These desk lamps make the perfect solution. Simply plug it into the same outlet as your computer and you’ll receive double your bandwidth.


Hack #2: Don’t have a charger on hand? Just Scan Your Phone!

Most people’s phones don’t even make it throughout the day without dying. Luckily, these devices have a front facing light sensor that doubles as a charger with the right amount of light. This charge can be obtained by a specific wavelength of light that your everyday copier produces! Place your phone face down on the copier and scan the phone. Each scan produces a 5% battery boost (depending on the phone model). Repeat the scans until your phone is ready for the rest of your day!


Hack #3: Avoid “Reply all” Emails With White Text

We’ve all been Cc’d in an email thread that we only needed on piece of information from. When one of your co-workers accidently hits “reply all”, you’re stuck in the middle of a thread of emails irrelevant to your work. Sometimes it even escalates to a passive aggressive battle between two co-workers. There’s no way to escape it – your inbox continues to fill up and the notifications drive you nuts! Believe it or not, there is a code we’re going to share with you which will remove you from future emails in these threads! Simply copy and paste this code and insert as white text to your next email thread: {reply-all:sender dismiss}


Hack #4: Roast A Lemon!

What better way to start your lunch break than to discover one of your co-workers left the microwave a mess. Spaghetti sauce, soup and remnants of pie coat the inside. There is actually a simple way to become the hero here! Just place an uncut lemon in the microwave and the acids in the juice will dissolve the mess away! Your co-workers will thank you!


Hack #5: Shake, Shake, Shake – Shake Your Battery

We all run through batteries seemingly faster than we should. But there is a hidden secret to batteries that very few people know about. All types of non-rechargeable batteries manufactured later than 2010 have a small charger built into them that allow approximately three additional full charges – simply shake the batteries! 


In case you haven’t caught on… April Fools! We hope you enjoyed and even cracked a smile at these playful “hacks”.

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