Last week our production team traveled to the Westfjords of Iceland to document and explain a revolutionary wound care product from a company called Kerecis. Along the way, there were pristine landscapes, geothermal activity, and incredible wildlife. I describe it as a photographer’s playground because everywhere you look there is something worth capturing.



Kerecis is located in the town of Ísafjörður where ⅓ of their economy is derived from fishing. There is very little from the fish caught that is waisted but one of the bi-products of the fish is the skin. Kerecis discovered some remarkable properties of fish skin from the North Atlantic Cod, which is its ability to accelerate and support the wound healing process in our own bodies. From something that would normally be thrown away to a life changing medical product, Kerecis has proven to be resourceful and innovative. In many cases, this product can be the factor that saves patient’s limbs.



As for the views, there are few to compete with the natural beauty of Iceland. With the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates colliding across the entire island, there is an incredible contrast between the tall mountains, deep ravines, white snow, black volcanic ash, blue waters, and green moss. To top it off there is fascinating steam coming from the bubbling waters of the hot springs that creates a sense of mystery and wonder.


Stay tuned and like our Facebook page to see more shots we captured on this trip and learn about the biotechnology developed by Kerecis.


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