Investing in loyalty: A lesson in personal & professional relationships


By definition, “loyalty” is the quality or state of being loyal, a loyal feeling, a feeling of strong support for someone or something.

But what does that mean when it comes to employment? Does loyalty really matter? Is loyalty relevant to a business’ overall success? I believe it is. If it’s not, then why have faith in mankind? In my opinion, life is love – or it should be. Those are two four-letter words that need to be in harmony.

When a person’s loyalty – or perceived loyalty – is in question or is outright broken, degrees of disappointment inevitably follow. When someone you love disappoints you, your heart aches. In the workplace, employers/managers/supervisors often use the old cliché “I treat you like I would my family” when addressing the employees they oversee.

But do managers really do that? Even if you’re a manager who does, remember that some blood-related families are quite dysfunctional and most family members eventually leave the nest. That time seems to be coming later in life with the Millennial and upcoming “Selfie” generations (those who are around age 20 and younger). There I go again highlighting that generation.

When it comes to employment loyalty, I believe it’s all about the buy-in. To the adage “You have to spend money to make money,” I believe this means everyone who’s part of a company. It’s “all for one, one for all.” Employers need to invest in their employees, and employees need to invest in their employers.

Everyone must “live love.” Is living love utopia? I don’t think so. I believe in demanding positive energy from others, as no one can afford to have other people bring them down and still be successful. Demand an open, positive workplace dialogue. I’m certainly not one for biting my tongue. But if you must turn your cheek, that’s fine – then ask them to leave and not return.

Loyalty often requires that dreaded word “change.” But most change is good. An unwillingness to change either attitude or negative behavior is admitting that you don’t want to learn something new each day. That attitude in the workplace is unacceptable!

To managers: Find what your employees really enjoy and give it to them – if they’re worth it. Boomers and X-ers might like money or gifts. Millennials may prefer time off or an all-expense paid trip to experience something Boomers would never dream of doing. These bonuses, along with continuing to invest in the most up-to-date tools to make your deliverables the best they can be, should be paramount to a business’ success.

But more important than all of that is love.

Love is a continual, warranted, kind word. It’s an honest expressed concern of another’s concerns, by demonstrating love through actions more than words. What motivates you as a manager, more often than not, doesn’t necessarily motivate your employees or coworkers.

If you truly “live love,” then when an employee leaves your company, it should always be a good thing. Their departure is either because they don’t live love – so it’s good they’re leaving your business – or they do live love and they deserve to find their way.

How you invest in, build up and handle loyalty is up to you. But if you live love, you will handle disappointment with grace and use it productively.

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