The Advertising Agency Changing Landscape

The concept of an advertising agency began many, many years ago and has evolved almost daily since its inception. I founded Em-Media, a full-service marketing and advertising agency, 20 years ago. Since that day, I have constantly been evolving the way we deliver great marketing and advertising content for our clients. Being flexible enough to adapt, spot trends before they occur, and remain relevant is a constant challenge for any advertising agency. It requires investment in the right people, services and skills. However, it pays off in the end because a great advertising agency is able to deliver phenomenal content for its clients — the main goal of any advertising agency. 

Think about how much advertising has changed in the past 50 years and you’ll see how much advertising agencies have had to adapt over those years. For example, this is an advertisement from 1957 for the Dove Soap brand:

The basic advertising concepts used in this video are almost comical to us now. They repeat keywords often to ensure that you remember the product and its benefits, such as “One-quarter cleansing cream!” There are very little graphics or visual effects and it’s even in black and white. This was Dove’s primary, and likely only, channel that they advertised in at the time. They likely put almost all of their marketing budget and energy into their TV commercials, and maybe some into radio advertisements.


Now flash-forward to today: companies have TV commercials that are elaborate with incredible graphics, and some major brands and companies spend upwards of $400,000 for a 30-second commercial! On top of that, TV commercials are only one channel out of many where they spend their marketing budget. There is online/digital marketing which includes building and hosting a website, buying banner ads and more. Social media is a large channel for companies to get involved in, reaching new audiences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat and more! Companies still invest in billboards, newspaper ads and magazine ads to build brand recognition, and there are even more channels and touch-points where companies are advertising — a big change from 1957 where there was one simple TV commercial to build a brand’s image!


workstation.jpgSince the way companies advertise and market their products and services is so much different than 50+ years ago, the way advertising agencies operate is entirely different as well. For an advertising agency to help companies grow — especially smaller to medium-sized companies who can’t afford multiple agencies — they need to be able to handle all different aspects of marketing and advertising. An agency that can put together a fantastic TV commercial for you but doesn’t have a team to build a great website where people learn more about you is really not an effective agency. For your business to grow in this age of advertising, you have to have a comprehensive view of marketing and advertising. This means that your agency should be able to handle all different aspects of marketing and advertising: social media marketing, online/digital marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, video production, billboards, print ads and more!

Is your agency capable of handling all of these aspects? If you don’t have an agency, are you capable of managing all these pieces of marketing and advertising? With a few missing pieces, your marketing strategy may be much less effective than it has the potential to be. With a comprehensive strategy and an agency that can help you build and implement that strategy, your business can grow to new heights!


At Em-Media, we’ve adapted our agency throughout the years, from a heavy emphasis on TV commercial marketing to an emphasis on comprehensive advertising strategies and inbound marketing. Em-Media has adapted to stay ahead of the times and ahead of the advertising and marketing trends so we can help our clients grow more than ever before. 
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