An Organized Life is an Organized Mind

Have you ever had a deadline approaching quicker than you expected, and for some reason all you can think about is the month-old, untouched stack of papers on your desk? Why are you so distracted by this stack of papers at this crucial time? It’s because an unorganized workspace is distracting! It prevents you from being able to truly focus on the tasks at hand. An unorganized area makes it easy to focus on the clutter — on the papers, bills and other less important pieces of work around you. The lack of organization tempts you to focus on less important, seemingly urgent tasks instead of focusing on the important work at hand that will help you become more successful. 

This example clearly highlights that a scattered environment is a recipe for a scattered brain. Organization is essential to stay focused and efficient with your time. We all know that time is our most valuable resource, that’s why there are 6,174 books about time management on Amazon! So, put that time to good use and get organized since organization is a key ingredient to a successful and productive workday and career. 

Let’s discuss a few tips to help you stay organized in your daily work life so that you can be on the road to a more productive and efficient lifestyle. 

1. Keep A Journal In Hand

If you keep a journal with you, it allows you to write down anything and everything that is brought up or comes to mind. notebook_and_laptop.jpgIt may be an elaborate new plan for how to grow your consumer base or it could be a reminder to send a colleague the presentation you promised you’d send them two days ago. By writing it down, you can focus your thoughts and attention on the tasks at hand, instead of trying to keep track of all the different less important tasks that come to mind. 

If carrying around a journal or small notebook seems too “last-century” for you, then keep a note on your phone that is meant for the thoughts that come to mind or download an app to help you manage all your thoughts throughout the day.

2. De-Clutter Your Desk or Workspace

De-cluttering often seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you work in a space that’s filled with clutter and it seems like there is no way out, it may be time to think about dedicating a half day to simply cleaning up your office space or even hiring someone to help you clean it. If you have an average amount of clutter around your workspace, set aside an hour dedicated to cleaning up and organizing. Through this process, you should learn to be a minimalist with the supplies you keep around your workspace and create a system that helps you keep track of important documents or things you can get back to later. 

clean_desk_2.jpgAfter this initial deep clean, all it takes to stay organized and decluttered is 15 minutes each day. During these 15 minutes you can work through the paperwork that came in that day, wipe off your desk or workspace with some Windex or take the time to declutter your mind. Write down the different thoughts that you have running through your head so that you can refocus on work and what needs to be done that day. By working through this process, you will begin to feel less stressed about upcoming projects and deadlines, and you will increase your efficiency as well. 

3. Put A Calendar To Use

A calendar can be a great tool for remaining organized and it’s important to keep a calendar up-to-date. If you write down events in advance, it can help you prioritize your time so that you are always adequately prepared for the event when the time comes for it. Similar to the journal or notebook, a calendar is a great tool that can be hosted entirely on your smartphone or computer. If you choose to manage your calendar electronically, then you can invite people to meetings on your phone or jot down extra notes about the meeting in the phone or computer, helping you to remain organized. On top of that, it will almost always be with you, allowing you to check on what is coming up in your day or week at any time.  

4. Make Organization A Habit

Remaining organized may seem like a hard work, but by implementing different steps and practices one at a time, you can form the habit of organization. You can practice organization outside of work and it will help your work life be more organized. Like most good things, organization takes practice. Practice keeping your desk organized for a whole week or practice keeping your meetings organized in your calendar, and you are on the pathway to an organized, more efficient and productive life!


Overall, organization can be a great tool for helping increase your productivity and efficiency at work and outside of work. 

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