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Exploring the World of A Digital Content Specialist

Today’s business world is constantly evolving with the growth of new technology, changing how we market and advertise our companies. Nowadays, it’s rare for any business to thrive without utilizing social media and websites for marketing and advertising purposes. With the escalating popularity of the digital sphere upon us, it’s essential for businesses to initiate digital content to drive them to success. Many businesses are looking for experts to write their content for them, producing thousands of jobs and even fields of study solely on the matter. 

Maybe you’re fascinated by the subject, or perhaps you’re considering a career in digital content creation? Either way, I’d like to provide you with some keen insights into the field by having our very own digital content specialist share her story. She is a vital member of our team and she’s great at what she does, if I do say so myself. Take it away, Renee! 

– Jim

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Why Investing Is Important

unnamed.jpgHave you ever wondered why we invest or why it seems so vital that we do? For that matter, what comes to mind when you see or hear the word “invest”? For many, the concept of investing is an image of one’s money invested in financial schemes like stocks or shares with the expectation of increasing that money in the future. However, the world seems to give off this notion that investing is solely focused on earning more wealth, but it’s not!

If investing isn’t just about making more money, then what makes it so important?

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Delve Into The World Of Video Production

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a video producer at a marketing and advertising agency. What would a day in the life be like? What kind of videos would you manufacture? Is shooting video all it takes to be a producer? Not in the slightest! Here at Em-Media, we want to give you an inside look at what it takes to create video masterpieces. What better way than to have our very own video producer share his story? Take it away, Gabe!

– Jim

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Em-Media’s 20th Anniversary!


No longer is traditional media our only means of advertising. Today’s elaborate world of digital communication has forever changed the way in which we market our messages to consumers. Adapting to the complex environment forged by dynamic marketing has proven difficult for many businesses. Without proper advertising, the life and aspirations of a company will eventually cease to exist. But it doesn’t have to be that way!


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5 Hacks To Improve Life In Your Office

Office_Hacks.jpgI know why you’ve chosen to click this article. More often than not, I find myself reading these same “how-to” articles or blog posts relating life-hacks like 4 Tips To Stay Up-To-Date In A Changing World. As humans, we’re always looking for ways to improve our daily lives in the fastest, most efficient way possible. What better way to find them than to have these life-tips already listed out for you? We’ve made a list of hacks that we find ourselves using around the office daily. From secrets that few people know about to sneaky tricks to keep your life running efficient, we reveal our top five work hacks. No binder clips here! (Be sure to read through the entire article before trying any of these.)

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What Is Networking?

I recently attended a large networking event put on by a recognizable Pittsburgh group, and throughout the event I spoke with many other professionals in the business world. I learned from them and what they had to say, and I also made some good contacts to follow-up with later in the week. This networking experience was fairly similar to most of my networking experiences, but after the event I couldn’t help but think, “What is networking?”
It’s often a term thrown around casually and can be used to describe almost any social interaction with an intention of gaining a connection or business, but I was thinking beyond that. What does it mean to network? What are my goals when networking? Why is networking so important? Walk with me as I unravel my thoughts on these questions and explain just what networking is to me. 

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5 Tips To Help Keep Your Employees Informed

Openly communicating with others can be tough — especially in a busy office setting. The atmosphere in the office can become polluted with stress, confusion, agitation, and anxiety when employees are uninformed of what’s going on. They can become unambitious and unengaged in their work. Eventually, productivity will slow and no work will get done. The employees are not at…

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Should Creative Differences Be Encouraged?

I recently had a conversation with a fellow Steubenville dweller and the entire conversation struck me and made me stop in my tracks and think. The conversation was all about how the other person’s colleagues have entirely different opinions about the national political landscape. He went on about how a select few are controlling the majority of our leaders, how every political leader is merely out for their own good, and how one candidate’s view on health care reform are the reason he would never consider voting for him. lightbulb.jpg

I thought, “What is so wrong about this conversation? About this way of thinking?” So often I get caught up in my own views of the world and my opinions on various issues that I forget to remember how important it is to allow people to think creatively and respond to the issues at hand. Only when we allow this type of dialogue, conversation and freethinking will we yield creative solutions to the many issues we face. 

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Professional Cameras VS. Smartphones

Remember why it’s important to update your technology? New technology is designed to provide you with a higher quality experience and work with greater efficiency so that you can better serve your customers and clients. Up-to-date technology plays a pivotal role in every aspect of your business’ success, including the creation of your commercials, Web and other videos. These promotional videos are the key forces driving your company’s advertising success, so shouldn’t you make sure you have the right camera for the job? 

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Should You Update Your Technology?

Have you ever questioned whether to upgrade the technology in your office? Do you really need to? The world seems to have a deeply rooted desire for a more effective form of technology, to be even better and reach higher speeds than ever before. This impulse is the driving force that causes technology to constantly evolve and demands that you evolve with it. As innovations in new technology arise, it’s paramount to update or be left in the dust. But what makes having updated technology so important?

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